Project Leaders

Department of Crop and Soil Sciences

Charlie Cahoon

  • Integrated Weed Management in Corn and Cotton

Wesley Everman

  • Integrated Weed Management in Soybean and Small Grains

Loren Fisher

  • Tobacco Production and Weed Management

Travis Gannon

  • Pesticide Environmental Fate

David Jordan

  • Peanut Production and Integrated Pest Management

Ramon Leon

  • Weed Biology and Ecology

Chris Reberg-Horton

  • Organic Field Crops

Rob Richardson

  • Aquatic and Non-cropland Weed Management

Matthew Vann

  • Tobacco Production and Weed Management

Fred Yelverton

  • Weed Management in Turfgrass, Pastures, and Bioenergy Crops


Department of Horticultural Science

Roger Batts

  • IR-4 Field Research Director, Herbicide Development and Registration

Katie Jennings

  • Integrated Weed Management in Small Fruits and Vegetables

Wayne Mitchem

  • Weed Management in Orchards and Vineyards

David Monks

  • Weed Management in Horticultural Crops

Joe Neal

  • Weed Management in Nursery crops, Landscapes and Christmas Trees; biocontrol of weeds